NEW! Mint Shibori Neckerchief

NEW! Mint Shibori Neckerchief


Meet our newest product, the Neckerchief; made for gals and guys alike! It's relaxed and casual with a fun fringe detail, and quickly becoming a favorite accessory. It can be worn in a bolo style or tied around the neck! This item is Shibori dyed and paired with a natural leather band. Shibori is an ancient dye technique of binding so that part of the fabric resists dye to create a pattern. Here we’ve tied the fabric to create a stripe design and then added it to a custom mint dye bath, resulting in subtle variations of cream and mint stripes.

Hand Dyed + Designed

Linen Cotton Blend with Leather Band

Approx. 32" long  and 10" wide

Remove Leather- Machine Wash + Dry + Iron on Low as Needed

Made in Kanas City, Missouri USA

Due to the handmade nature, slight dye + print variations may occur. Most items are in stock, however some ties will be printed when ordered. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

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